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EAST WEST SERVICE - Business & Domestic Services

Welcome to EAST WEST SERVICE website!

East West Service agency is relatively young company in the market of Europe and United States. That is why special attention is given to offer the best quality of services. This is the most effective way to build your name and dignity enter the ranks of the wealthiest organizations on this profile.

Modern business conditions imposed on the head of a large burden of responsibility for clear, effective management of the business. And issues such as usual business services and domestic services for individuals is necessary to the stability of trust only to professional organizations such as East West Service.

For the highest quality of customer service, the agency has the all necessary experience, professionalism as well as modern means of communication and transport.

Our clients include many private individuals and organizations like banks, business centers, offices, industrial and construction facilities, restaurant chains and supermarkets , educational institutions and medical organizations, cottage villages and homes.

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